We would be delighted to hear your story and how the work you are doing impacts people who you serve! But we know that in order for you to trust us with your story, you want to know more about us. This page gives you the deets--who we are, why we started Five Ives, and our passion to help people just like you.

Hey, I'm Lauren!

As a former teacher who knows what it is like to have to give yourself a pep talk to force yourself to walk into the building every day, I know what it feels like to be stressed out, overwhelmed, and frustrated when serving people.

Out of desperation and a deep love for the kids I served, I began studying neurobiology and nutrition and learned how trauma impacts the brain and body. I began implementing what I was learning in my own classroom and saw the difference it made for my students!

Word began spreading with other educators about the work that I do--this led me to start coaching teachers, parents, and children how to heal. I have since helped thousands of people who help people to understand the impacts of trauma and how we can enter into caring professions without burning out.

Hey there! I'm Jessica!

I have spent the last decade serving people who have experienced trauma in various capacities: first as a teacher, then foster/adoptive parent, nonprofit volunteer, business owner, and nonprofit leader. 

This topic is so personal to me, as I have walked alongside people professionally and personally who have been through really hard things.  I spent thousands of hours reading and researching trauma-informed care culminating in a PhD in STEM Education with a dissertation on trauma-informed education and the preschool-to-prison pipeline.

I started training people in how to care for people well and have since helped thousands of people who help people all over the world.

It is my personal mission to make the world a more compassionate place through helping people help people!




When we met and started talking about the work we do, we realized that we both had similar thoughts about how to do this better. We had been working hard with individuals for a long time, trying to train people who were working within systems that were broken. This was leading to a lot of spinning wheels and frustration--people knew they needed to change their individual practices, but were frustrated by the difficult systems around them.

That's where Five Ives began: with a desire to make change at a systemic level within organizations who help people. To help people who help people, the organization needs to be healthy and have practices in place that consider the trauma of those they serve.


Blah blah blah, trauma-informed care. That's how a lot of people hear what people say they do, and we get your hesitation. A lot of people use the right words, but what makes us different is that not only do we have the education and experience to back up the claims that we are experts in trauma care, but we are transparent about how we show up and serve people. Nothing fuzzy or woo-woo around here--we are all about data driven, research-backed practices and practical help that make a difference.