We help people who help people.

The mental health crisis is breathing down your neck. The social and political climate is divisive and scary. And there is a never-ending stream of people to serve who are all impacted by the difficult changes in the world on top of all of the reasons they come to you in the first place. And it's a lot.

We are here to help.

What are the Five Ives?

We are glad you asked! The Five Ives are the phases of growth beyond struggle. It's about getting where you want to go and showing up at your best. The stages apply to organizational healing AND the individuals you serve as they heal on their personal journey.

Want to explore your options?

We get you. We understand the ins and outs of serving every day. How tired you are. How much work you put in. How much you care for those you serve. We see you. And we would love to be able to help you help people.


Jessica Doering, PhD

Co-Founder, Five Ives

Dr. Jessica Doering is a compassion cultivator and trauma care expert. With a PhD from the University of Kentucky (Dissertation Topic: Trauma-Informed Education and the Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline) and a decade of experience serving people who have experienced hard things, she is deeply connected to the world of trauma and committed to helping people who help people heal.

Lauren Spigelmyer, M.Ed.

Co-Founder, Five Ives

Lauren is a trauma and behavior expert, international speaker on trauma care, and pioneer in the trauma-informed care space. For over a decade, she has served people who have experienced trauma and those who care for them. She developed and led the University of Pennsylvania's trauma-invested certification program for educators. She cares deeply about making the world a better place through helping those who help others.


We want to share with you the journey we took to get here and the qualifications we have to help your organization. We want you to move forward with us with absolute confidence.

"I think [the trauma-informed care guide] is overall brilliant because it is sooooo accessible, straightforward and easy to put to immediate use."


Works with kids who have experienced trauma

"I liked your words to guide us through basic trauma informed practice: Grace and high expectations. Brilliant. I just don’t see this being taught anywhere."


California teacher

"So glad to have these resources during the most traumatic times of our lives. I learned so much and cannot thank you enough!"


Parent of a child with trauma impacts