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We offer multiple tiers of support for organizations, from full-day intensives to support trauma intensive service organizations to multi-year programs designed to leave a legacy of compassion-driven productivity.

struggling with high rates of burnout

We work with organizations prone to burnout, overwhelm, and stress among leaders and employees. We help organizations go from putting out metaphorical fires to doing the work they dream of doing for those they serve.

This is a multi-year program designed to take your organization through the Five Ives, the stages of healing to gently change direction from being on a hamster wheel, burning yourselves out to showing up with the energy you need to serve again.

wanting to implement trauma-informed care

We offer organizations in "helping professions" (e.g. schools, nonprofits, social services, first responders, medical organizations, etc.) to confidently say for them, trauma-informed care is more than a buzzword.

With Five Ives, you are getting what you need to make sure your organization is going in the right direction as you help people who have experienced trauma. We offer multiple tiers of support, starting from a full-day training intensive to a trauma-informed certification program that gives your donors, grantors, and those you serve confidence you are *actually* trauma-informed.

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